NEEDED:  Does anyone in the area have a kiln they'd be willing to let me use for firing some pots?    Am very new to ceramics and am over flowing with greenware that needs firing. Please contact Penelope at  845-252-9915.    Happy to pay or barter for time used. Thanks (need any typing done or help on a computer?)
NEEDED:    Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS)  needs volunteers for its Halloween fundraiser.  (Details are posted at the CottageWorks Community Calendar     and at DCS' website.)  Please click the link to their website and get involved.                          The Delaware River Basin is calling your name!

NEEDED  IMMEDIATELY:  My Father's House   is looking for any gently used furniture for a mom and her 17 yr old son living in Monore County (near Wayne County).

Michele writes,  "They have nothing. I have some items for them but they need: 

My Faither's House's  Greentown, PA  facility is ready to accept donations but  PLEASE, email Michele   or call  (570) 252-4074 to coordinate  first!  Big thanks!

Please see one supporter's testament   to My Father's House.


NEEDED:    Looking ahead to next  year,  The Sullivan County Farmers' Markets are always looking for volunteers to operate their Foodstamps' "benefits terminals." Training is mandatory and provided by the Markets. 

 It's a perfect way to help ensure everyone has access to healthy produce while simultaneously supporting our local producers.    Also,  if you can transport people to the market, please volunteer to do so. You can contact the Market Manager at 845-292-6180, ext. 115,   email her at:  or for convenience sake, you can sign up using the CottageWorks' Swaps, Barters & Freebies form and we'll forward  your information to Mary.

Welcome to CottageWorks'  Swaps, Barters & Freebies !    

The oldest human economic systems are intricate networks of  Swaps, Barters & Freebies.   
Do you have a skill or product to exchange?   Will you swap your labor for goods or vice versa?   Do you have free expertise to offer?   Do you train apprentices or interns?    Use  this form  to tell us all about what you can offer and/or what you need.   (Only fill out what pertains to you.  If you don't have a business, there's no need to make one up.)






NEEDED:   Ten 55-gallon metal drums to put in the solar only greenhouse I am constructing. They don't have to be clean on the inside.   Please email Tim if you can help.   (He would like to work a swap with someone if at all possible.)


Ongoing NEED:   Various items of furniture are  being requested by organizations working with people hit hard by the downturn.