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Our mountains,  rivers and gardens are home to eel, shad, veggie & fruit preserves & pickles, fresh cheeses & yogurt, salsas, summer sausages, chocolates, backyard smokehouses and bread... luscious, crusty, yeasty & sourdough breads. 

Can you really eat ALL the sauerkraut and  strawberry-rhubarb relish you put up?  How many loaves of zucchini bread can one family eat, for pete's sake?

Bolster your budget. 

Sell your goodies on a made-to-order  basis or as your pantry overflows its shelves.  (Include a testimonial from a happy eater!)  You don't have to be a professional...just someone who enjoys preserving the earth's fruits.



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Welcome to CottageWorks'  Submissions Page
*Food sellers,  please see special instructions  at the end of   this page. 
If you rescue &/or fix  things for  re-sale,      CottageWorks  wants to support your  efforts.                            Get   a free consignment window here.
How to Submit an Item to CottageWorks
CottageWorks requires  State  licenses for preserved or processed foodstuffs offered via this site.   (Small "kitchen  operations" are  treated differently than larger producers.  You can do it!!)               NOFA-NY  is a great place to go for help before you visit the usual New York State sites.  You can also sign "The Farmer's Pledge" while you're there.  Other states have similar assistance.                                                                      NYS Ag and Markets  *  NYS Department of Health                                                                                   A certificate is required from the US Department of Agriculture  for items you designate "organic" 
       Are you driven to make stuff?        Are your closets stuffed?              Is  your budget cinched so tight you're mouth-breathing?                            A   Free Consignment Window on the Web  might help.









To submit a consignment item, fill out this form  and   send me a photo (GIF or compressed JPEG, please).  Visit our Product Gallery  and   individual pages for guidance.  The US Post Office or UPS will determine your shipping costs,  so speak with them before setting your  base prices. 


Since everyone's suffering financial anxiety,  I've been trying to focus my creative juices on useful items that  serve multiple purposes.    Another idea is to sell a pattern, recipe or building plan.   For instance,  if you build birdhouses, you might try selling the "blueprint"  as a separate item to do-it-yourselfers.   



If you have questions about preparing your photos, give me a holler.  It  can be confusing if you're not used to making them web-ready. 


    If necessary, I'll tweak your photos for presentation's sake and then assign them a product code.  The code will begin with the initials of your name.  (For instance, my first submission is  #LB001.)  When a customer selects your item for purchase,  I'll notify you via email unless we can set up Pay Pal to do it automatically. 


   After your item is received by your customer,  Cottage Works will remit your payment less a  handling fee negotiable before the sale.  (I'd rather send all payments on a specified date  but don't hesitate to let me know if you have a special need.)   All transactions are secured by a Comodo Dedicated Secure Certificate and PayPal.


     Instead of renting a Main Street storefront or hassling with the cost of creating  & maintaining your own website, you can , sell your goods from a CottageWorks window.


      Cottage Works receives no payment unless you sell an item  and our "hosting" percentage is negotiable when you  submit your  item


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