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Dear Community Member,



October is "Split Estate Month" at CottageWorks. So far, four events featuring the film, "Split Estate" have been posted at the CottageWorks' Events page. If you find other venues for additional showings, please email Wes Gillingham to arrange a date and time. Don't forget to have your event posted with all the others and at The Community Calendar.



As we grow, CottageWorks will work with locally-vested organizations to create themed events, raffles and educational outreach while expanding Breathing Is Political's community forum where local organizations and individuals are welcome to submit articles about their  individual efforts, organizations, purposes and plans.

The CottageWorks Events page includes four new categories of local happenings with an index for easy reading:

Workers' Rights.  List your events and legal/communal news/issues that impact local workers.   

National Health Care.   Register for the Single Payer October 10,  2009  activist summit in Albany.  List your  local and regional events.

Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing.  List your local and regional events, news and calls for assistance.

Community class offerings.  Classes in this section must be FREE or low-cost, and be offered by community-vested instructors whose purpose is to add a piece of the puzzle to community-building.

When the events begin pouring in as I hope they will, a new Casino category will be created.  

(Help keep us up-to-date --  email  us events the community needs to know about).

                                                                   *   *    *    *

CottageWorks will build websites for not-for-profit community organizations on a BARTER basis.  (For instance, if I  build you a freebie website, I might ask you to co- sponsor a fundraiser for RISE or to donate plumbing skills to the next Habitat House.)   So don't forget to submit your individual or organization's NEEDS to the Swaps, Barters & Freebies page so everyone knows what you're looking for!

                                                                    *   *    *    *

Free CottageWorks' consignment windows  are always available for CottageWorkers and their creations  because the artists and artisans who find their way to CottageWorks are old hands at strengthening the land and people where they live.  

    *    One wants to use her "CottageWorks stuff as prizes for local groups."  

    *    Another is considering donating her CottageWorks' proceeds to a local organization.

    *    And another likes that CottageWorks' is approaching libraries to see how we can help           with their community teaching efforts-- because she's been doing it for years.

Our contributors are a very special sort.




Patricia Baker Smith's Fraktur, Acrylic Paintings, Handmade signs and Scherenschnitte. Pat's been involved in a variety of folk art media for more than three decades, athough she is most known for her custom-made signs. "My inspiration comes from the simplicity and beauty of the old European art forms dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, and my passion is to introduce them to modern day America."

Kathleen Livingston. Paintings, poetry and short prose. I was a fan from my first reading of "Wings To Fly" and then she sent her paintings. I'm so proud Kathleen wanted to link her voice with ours.

Baby cap designed and knit by CottageWorks. The fiber is Icelandic Roving dyed in a bath of organic lavender from Amy & Wes Gillingham's Wild Roots Farm.

Harvest Moon & Silkie Scarf. Designed and knit by CottageWorks. (Coming this week.)

If you're not crazy about the colors or design of a CottageWorks product but love the quality, choose a pattern, purchase your materials from a local source and ask one of our CottageWorkers to make it for you.   (If you need help finding locally-produced materials, give us a holler.)

CottageWorks is proud to be listed at 4Corners Knitting as a community outlet for their customers' finished projects.  Many thanks to Wendy and Dale!


                                                           ....AND, AS ALWAYS....             

The CottageWorks Community Calendar, Event Blurbs, Refer-A-Worker, Swaps, Barters & Freebies and the Second Hand Shop are great FREE  ways to support our local communities, organizations and people.

Thank you for your continued support of our local producers and don't forget to tell your friends who collect old things and re-create them for new use or produce local food products or work with wood, metal or other substances about the growing CottageWorks community.

Best hopes for all,