November 2009

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October 2009
                  Welcome to The CottageWorks Newsletter                       Find out who we are, where we're headed  and how we're doing.

  Why CottageWorks?

*  To offer handmade  & artisan goods in a secure online consignment shop   *   To celebrate  the old rural arts on all sides of The Delaware River Basin and those who keep them    * To offer  handcrafted goods at a Fair Trade price   *    To value workmanship & community over  rampant consumption   *  

   Handmade requires more from all of us.  Some pieces crafted by CottageWorkers (like afghans) can take a month or more to plan, fabricate and construct.  Please leave yourself plenty of time to order in case an item's stock runs low.   And, if you doubt  the wisdom in all this, get fortified by visiting our   Second Hand Shop Classified Ads, Swaps, Barters & Freebies, submission page and  by signing the Buy Handmade Pledge                                                                                            

Stand by your local producers.  Protect the land & water that sustain them.