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                                                               BREAKING  COMMUNITY NEWS


(Links are in red. Click to your heart's content and visit  The CottageWorks' Community Calendar for more dates & info.)

Important note to our supporters:   This events page and  the CottageWorks Calendar are not being updated regularly at this point because I'm  looking for paid work.  (I wish it was different because I think both  pages provide an important support to our communities.)   However, The CottageWorks Gallery  is up and running and looking for more local artists and artisans.  Please contact  me via  email at  or  via the  "contact button"  in the main menu on   the left side of this page.

As always,  local  organizations are welcome to post their events to the Calendar.  If  you need help with it,  please let me know!  (You will need a Google account to post your items.) 

Grassroots Journalists:    Do you attend your County, Town, Village and/or Board of Education meetings?  Do you wish more people knew what was going on in their local area and that the coverage was deeper?    Start a blog and we'll link to it at Breathing Is Political.  Each new blog will be linked to  the existing ones -- a  "web ring"  of  local government news,  ideas and actions.   Email me at :

Mayor Calvin Tillman  (DISH, Texas) will be in Callicoon, NY  with  Nancy Janyszeski (Nockamixon, PA) for a public forum on GAS DRILLING,  WATER RESOURCES and PUBLIC HEALTH.  No matter which side of the issue you're leaning toward,  please join us at the Callicoon Community Center  for this free event at 4:00 PM.   Q & A  to follow the speakers' presentations. 



                                                                 ARTS,  ARTISANS, MUSEUMS, WRITERS  & LIBRARY NEWS                                                                   


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The Sullivan County Calico Geese Quilters meet the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM at the SC Cornell Cooperative Extension on the Ferndale-Loomis  Road. Guests and new members welcome.  See the CottageWorks Community Calendar for updates when posted.

                                                                       *      *       *       *

The Woodbourne History Museum is now open!  Regular hours are 11 am to 2:00 PM.  All are welcome to enjoy their many pictures and stories.  Call:   845-436-8959  for more information.


                                                                     COMMUNITY   CLASSES &  INSTRUCTION


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4Corners Knitting.  You can check out their weekly  "Sit and Knits,"  Beginners' classes and upcoming Project gatherings.  How perfect for all of us who've been meaning to learn the mysteries of the needles or are stuck with mistakes we can't figure out how to fix. 

                                                                       *      *       *       *

Are you interested in Yoga for beginners,  seasoned practitioners or for sitting in a chair?   Visit the CottageWorks Community Calendar and  search for  "Yoga."  You'll be astonished by the number of  regular classes  in our Upper Delaware River Valley. And ballet!   Do a search for  "ballet"  and  reap the rewards!

                                                                       *      *       *       *

Linda Cobb and Linda Halvorsen are bringing Zentangle  to the Delaware River Basin,  the Poconos and the Catskills.

Ms. Cobb describes Zentangle as a method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.   "I learned about this new art form about a year ago,"  she writes.  "Since then, I've traveled twice to Massachusetts to learn more from the creators, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. I have become one of their Certified Zentangle Teachers and encourage anyone interested to learn more at"  The $35 cost per person for the class includes instruction and supplies. Please  call 570-729-7306 to register.

                     Important:   All profits from the Zentangle classes and sales benefit the PNH Foundation.

(Note:  I'd never heard of Zentangle until I met Linda Cobb at The Honesdale Music Festival this past summer. We're thrilled she's joined our CottageWorks Gallery and I invite you to view this great new art form at Linda's CottageWorks Zentangle page.  CottageWorks and Linda will be arranging a class for Callicoon after the New Year.  Let us know if you're interested and we'll get back to you with dates and times!)


                                                                                     GAS   DRILLING    NEWS

                                                                      *      *       *       *

FROM NY H20:  "We endorse and support the resolution that calls on the state to prohibit hydrofracking in the entire state, which was proposed by Councilmember Tony Avella. The other resolution, proposed by Councilmember Gennaro, divides the State and our impact by seeking to protect ONLY the New York City Watershed."

(Note:   Here's a link to  a report of what happened at the DEC's hearing in New York City. Kudos to  NYC organizers for the the huge turnout and for speaking against  forces that would divide us into regions where toxins are okay and others where they're not.   Or, as Dr. Seuss might have said, "We don't like fracking.  We don't like fracking in the mountains.  We don't like fracking in the vales.  We don't like it billowing with boats & sails.  We don't like it,  DEC Man.  We do not like drilling and fracking with poisons and sand."

                                                                      *      *       *       *


"Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy has partnered with Democracy in Action to enable us to easily contact our legislators on the issues that are so important to us. Just sign in with your name and address, and your letter will automatically be routed to the legislators who represent you.

For our first lobbying campaign, we've chosen to focus on the FRAC Act. This important federal bill will subject hydraulic fracturing to the Safe Drinking Water Act and compel drillers to disclose the chemicals they use in their fracking fluids by repealing the 'Halliburton Exemption.'

Please click here to send a letter supporting the Frac Act!"

                                                                         *      *       *       *

The Beach Lake, PA United Methodist Church provides a wealth of information and questions for discussion about  drilling and hydraulic fracturing at their website.  Besides UMC's SUGGESTED AGENDA FOR GAS DRILLING DISCUSSION --  BIBLICAL
AND   THEOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS,   the site  provides the Methodist denoomination's statements on environmental and economic stewardship (United Methodist Social Principles),  two  pro & con articles from the Barnett Shale area near Fort Worth, Texas  and most importantly,  the treatise on  "stewardship"  presented by The National Council of Churches.

As stated at  the Beach Lake UMC site,  the purpose of engaging the issue in civil discussion is,  "to involve church members, wherever in the United States gas drilling is operative or proposed, in biblical and theological dialogue, in order to equip and motivate them to engage in discussions and decisions in their respective communities.  People are encouraged to reach down to their biblical roots and to draw on the broad wisdom from churches throughout the United States in order to make their best response to this particular issue."    Please visit the Beach Lake Church's site.  If you have any questions,  Pastor Terwilliger is a terrific person to ask.    

                                                                          *      *       *       *

                                                                                      FARM, FOOD & GREEN  NEWS


Farm Catskills is a grassroots membership not for profit dedicated to strengthening sustainable communities in a working landscape. For more information, visit, or e-mail

Hudson Valley Fresh is a non-profit dairy cooperative dedicated to protecting the agricultural heritage of the Hudson Valley. Their main business is producing premium quality dairy products – whole, skim, low-fat and chocolate milk along with half and half, heavy cream, sour cream while promoting sustainability by keeping farmers in business by assuring a fair price for their milk. Their milk is produced in the Hudson Valley and sold in markets from Catskill to New York City. The cooperative has received extensive media attention. An excellent article was published in the September 2009 Farming magazine.


                                                                         *      *       *       *

For anyone interested in the New York  State Buy Local movement, here's a terrific link.  Thoughtful,  informative group of farmers and farm marketers discussing everything from cooperative distribution  and farm market models to legislative reform.  If you believe local production,  distribution and purchase are fundamental to a healthy community,  listen to farmers talking with other farmers. 

                                                                          *      *       *       *


                                                                      FROM  THE  FRONT  LINES :   WORKERS'  RIGHTS                                     

                                                                          *      *       *       *

Pedro Espada Jr. In Action.   On August 21, 2009 Pedro Espada Jr., majority leader of the New York State Senate, confronted management of a Catskill Duck farm about allegations of improper working conditions.  In the event that you did not see this article in The New York Times, this video is a must-see.

                                                                          *      *       *       *

ACORN is a national organization dedicated, among other things, to fighting foreclosures and evictions across the country. One of its national campaigns creates local advocacy groups that assist homeowners facing foreclosure.  There are ACORN chapters in New York State with training materials available to anyone willing to help construct a safety net for our neighbors.   The Center for Responsible Lending is an excellent resource for homeowners facing foreclosure who need assistance to re-structure the terms of their mortgages.)

                                                                          *      *       *       *

The Sullivan County Cooperative Extension is administering a Consumer HelpLine. If, like many of us, you're having problems,  please call Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM. Toll Free: 1-877-292-5250.


                                                                         *      *       *       *

Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County  is urging local employers to call them. Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County is a proven community resource for improving reading, writing, math, and English skills. Please call them today at  845-794-0017. ("Editor's" Note:  As a former literacy tutor, I'd like to add my voice.  This is a great organization. Program administrators are smart, welcoming and most important, flexible. I've seen them tailor tutoring classes to meet specific employer needs.  Programs like this need concerted support from the entire community.   If you speak with Ginny, Connie or Martine, tell them Liz sent you from CottageWorks.)

                                                                      *      *       *       *

Here's a list of public charities in Sullivan County, NY  that might need your help.


                                                                    FROM  THE  FRONT  LINES :   NATIONAL HEALTH CARE                                   



                                                   MISCELLANEOUS  COMMUNITY  ANNOUNCEMENTS 


                                                                          *      *       *       *

"One Day At A Time"  Alcoholics Anonymous meetings Monday through Thursday in Liberty, NY behind the Ambulance Building  from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM  and on Fridays from Noon to 1:00 PM.  For more info, please call:  845-292-2488.                                                                        

                                                                          *      *       *       *

Here's a list of public charities in Sullivan County, NY  that might need your help.



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